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Love others (John 15:12); Everybody join in (Psalm 133:1); Always do your best (Colossians 3:23); Reach out (Luke 6:31); Never give up (Philippians 4:13).

Lowdham C of E Primary School

‘Shine Like Stars’

What people say

We understand that choosing a school for your child(ren) is a huge decision; whether you are making that all important choice for their first school or whether you are moving into the area and want to know which school is right for your child(ren), it is not a decision to be taken lightly.

We welcome visits to the school by appointment - please call or email the office.

I can tell you how wonderful our school is and you can see in our gallery and results pages how much we value children and ensure they have a well-rounded and inspiring curriculum; I can also let you hear from the children why they love it here at Lowdham CofE so much but it is important to hear and read some of the parents' comments too.

We have a Padlet - this gives you the opportunity to post your views on there too.

Why not try it and let us know your thoughts.


We'd love to know what you think about the website - is it easy to navigate? Does it have everything on that you require?


If you have any concerns, the best thing to do is to email the headteacher (Matt Jones) directly. This ensures that your concerns will be read and acted upon.


Padlet Link

You can also give your view about us in an official platform - Ofsted has a Parent View site which means you can post your thoughts on there.



Performances - comments from families

The children I've taught have got a life skill and a love of sociable music to enjoy with others all through their life if they want to. It's all about opportunities and having the chance from a young age to have a go at things which is really motivating. They shine like stars!

Kate Hendry - music teacher


“Lowdham School creates happy and confident children. They leave year 6 with a passion for learning and a resilient attitude to both their studies and to life in general. The staff effortlessly cultivate an atmosphere that is warm, friendly and positive. It is a brilliant school with fabulous children and staff!”


"I love how Mr Waldram greets every child by name on the gate every morning."


"Thank you for making Lowdham School such a lovely place for the children to learn, R loves school!"


"Thank you for making pupils feel valued and special. L couldn't be at a nicer school."


"We enjoyed our time with Y5&6. We hope they have benefitted from taking part in our roadshow. They were fab."

Anna Church, BBC Weather Team


 “The staff at Lowdham School form an incredibly dedicated team, responsive and in tune with the everyday needs of the children.”

Jo Hird, governor


"I am a member of the local community. I do not have children who attend your school but I have friends with a child that does. I want to acknowledge the contribution you and your team are making to the greater good of Lowdham Village by providing an ongoing service during this horrible period.

I’m sure you will all be having to make personal sacrifices for the benefit of my local community.

You should all be very proud of yourselves.

Thank you."

Alaine Allen


"I just wanted to share with you all how lovely the sports day was today in school. The children did the school and their parents proud. I was there in the afternoon to watch my daughter and the behaviour of the children was great to see and they all tried their very best, even in intense heat and more importantly than anything had big smiles on their faces.

Such a well organised event with staff looking after the children so well, encouraging them and bringing out their best. I'm sure this isn't an easy event to put on but it was done brilliantly.

Thank you to everyone that made it happen for the children and their parents."

Christie Taylor


"We are grandparents of P. I would like to thank your staff who accompanied them last night to the (Young Voices) concert & have been teaching them the songs, for many months.

 It was amazing to hear 5960 children singing together & to see them all enjoying it.  It was an amazing & unforgettable experience for them & us, the audience.

No doubt they are all a little tired & deflated this morning, as are we. Please thank the children who took part & for for their enthusiastic performance."


After a recent visit... "From my own perspective, every child I came into contact with was polite and friendly and gave me a smile, some gave me a wave. They were so well behaved in collective worship, even the children that are very young.  I was so impressed that children waited while I went through doorways and some children even held the door open for me to go through, this happened more than once and was so heart warming, good old fashioned values that you don’t often see anymore."