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Lowdham C of E Primary School

‘Shine Like Stars’

The King's Village

The King's Village Ghana student KEZIAH, sponsored by Lowdham Primary School


As Lowdham Primary school, we sponsor Keziah at The King's Village Ghana so she can access education in rural Northern Ghana.

Only 1 in 20 adults in Northern Ghana are literate.  We’re providing schooling to children, transforming their lives and the lives of their families.

It costs £15/month (£180/year) to provide education.

Mrs Fahy regularly visits The King's Village Ghana and updates on Mercy's education are given on Class Dojo, school assemblies, and the school newsletter.

You can find out more about The King's Village Ghana by visiting www/

The King's Village in Ghana is one of the charities we are supporting. We raised money in our harvest and will continue to look into this school and see how we can learn from them and how we can use any charitable giving to donate to their cause.

For more information, see their website:

Or come into school and see our display or speak to Mrs Fahy who is our link.



One of the children in our school decided that he wanted to donate a bike to one of the children in TKVG this year and reduce his own (Christmas) presents. We think this is an amazing gesture and is a really clear example of courageous advocacy, of someone spurred on to do something good for the right reason. We are very proud of this boy and are thankful he wanted to do it. Well done, Denrey.


Jonathan Adam is 11 years old and his brother Jufta is 10 years old. They live with their grandma and five other children at Bontanga damside about two miles from school. 

They are from the Ewe tribe and their dad is a fisherman and their grandma cooks and sells fish. 

They are Christians and attend the local church. 

Jonathan is being given the bike for them both to use every day to and from school. 

Thank you so much. 


We have a little money left which we will keep for bike repairs as and when they are needed.  


Please thank the lovely young man for his sacrifice in giving this money it will be such a blessing to the boys who currently walk to and from school. 

February, 2021



Celebrating 20 years of The King's Village Ghana

You can donate at Poverty in Northern Ghana is rampant where the vast majority of people do not have access to education, healthcare or clean water. The King's Village is bringing transformation through providing schooling, excellent medical care and delivering community development.

Kings Village Update May 2021 SF

Update - The children at the King’s  school celebrated Christmas with a  Christmas production and Christmas party. Every child in King’s Village was given a treat! Over 600 children from two schools, all the children at the Nutrition Centre and all the children on admission at the hospital that day. 

January, 2020