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Love others (John 15:12); Everybody join in (Psalm 133:1); Always do your best (Colossians 3:23); Reach out (Luke 6:31); Never give up (Philippians 4:13).

Lowdham C of E Primary School

‘Shine Like Stars’

Class 5 - Mr Wagstaff

Welcome to the Class 5 page.


During the year we study a range of topics to ensure that there is wide curriculum coverage and we link as many areas as we can in a cross-curricular approach; here is a quick overview:

Autumn 1: Ancient Greece - This is a history based topic that we also cover in English, through looking at Greek Myths and fact files. We have a visit in school this term for an Ancient Greece day.

Autumn 2: Earth and Space - The book we read in English is 'Shine' by Jill Paton Walsh. We will be having a visit in school by the Planetarium in this term.

Spring 1: Materials - learning about mixing and separating, and reversible and irreversible changes with a focus on food. We read 'The Piemakers' by Helen Cresswell.

Spring 2: Forces - We will be looking at various forces throughout this term for Science. We will be comparing Lowdham to Leicester (including a visit) and will be reading 'the Invention of Hugo Cabret'.

Summer 1: Anglo Saxons - This is our history based topic for the term. We will also be looking at Living Things and their Habitats in Science. In English we will be reading 'Beowolf' and creating some of our own poetry.

Summer 2: Education in the past - this is our WW2 topic which will be supported by our trip to Perlethorpe for a WW2 day and our book 'Carrie's war' in English. 

Here are a few of the trips and activities we enjoy in Class 5