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Love others; Everybody join in; Always do your best; Reach out; Never give up.

Lowdham C of E Primary School

‘Shine Like Stars’

Collective Worship

Courageous Advocates

See our work on courageous advocacy here. LINK

We meet daily as a school to worship our God, to pray, to sing and to share stories either from the Bible, like the Parables (stories Jesus told) or stories with morals or values. 


This is a hugely important time of the day and the only one in which the whole school is together.

We have various themes that run through the year and each one builds upon one of our school values or a Biblical thread: Miracles, Bible Heroes, Fruit of the Spirit...


We also have many visitors come to lead collective worship. Our vicar Anna Alls visits us regulary as do Jo & Chris from Messy Church and our friend Roger.


All of these people (and many more) come into school to share their lives, stories and their faith so the children can hear and see and develop for themselves the ability to think widely, to empathise and to learn about the world.


Scroll down to see links to our collective worship assemblies on our vimeo channel.

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