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Love others (John 15:12); Everybody join in (Psalm 133:1); Always do your best (Colossians 3:23); Reach out (Luke 6:31); Never give up (Philippians 4:13).

Lowdham C of E Primary School

‘Shine Like Stars’

Class 1 - Mrs Fahy

Welcome to Class 1


I am Mrs Fahy and I work in Class 1 on with Mrs McNichol, who is in the class all day Monday and a Tuesday afternoons. We are supported by our teaching assistant most mornings and some afternoons.

In Class 1 we love to learn and follow the 'Lowdham Learner' values that help us to 'Shine like Stars' in all we do.


Phonics and Reading

Phonics is a key focus of Year 1. We do a daily phonics session using Phonics Bug which is based upon the Letters and Sounds scheme. We use our phonics to help us read in guided reading groups each Monday and we take home three books at a time.

  • A decodable phonics phase book, linked to the phonemes each child knows, which pupils should be able to read independently and encourages confidence with reading.
  • A sharing book that is at the appropriate level for the pupils ability but may have the occasional word that they need help with. These books help develop an awareness of additional vocabulary.
  • A borrow book from the class fiction and non-fiction books that the pupil can read or have read to them. These books are very popular with children and encourage a love of reading and widening interests.


Much of our learning in Class 1 is cross curricular and each topic is supported by engaging displays, exciting activities and enhanced provisions linked to English and our foundation subjects. Our topics for the year are as follows:


Autumn 1 - Here and There

English: Texts relating to African countries (Handa's Surprise, Gugu's House, One Plastic Bag, Mama Panya's Pancakes)

Maths: Place Value within 10, Addition and Subtraction

Science: Materials and an investigation into most waterproof material, Seasonal Changes - Autumn

RE: Understanding Christianity - God

Computing: Twinkl - Word Processing 

Online Safety: Copyright and Ownership and Self Image and Identity

PE: Gymnastics and Fitness

PSHE: Get HeartSmart! and RSHE

Geography: Human and physical features of Lowdham in UK compared to The King's Village in Ghana, Trip - village fieldwork identifying human and physical features

History: What was Lowdham main street like in the past?

Art: Making clay traditional rural Ghanaian homes, paper weaving in style of Kente cloth

Music: Composition - sound trails, using and naming tuned and untuned instruments


Autumn 2 - Festivals

English: Texts (Autumn poems, Can't You Sleep Little Bear, William Booth)

Maths: Addition and Subtraction, Shape

Science: Seasonal Changes, Winter

RE: Celebrations and Festivals, Incarnation

Computing: Purple Mash - Lego Builders

Online Safety: Online Relationships, Privacy and Security

PE: Dance (Journey of the Magi) and Fitness

PSHE: Don't Forget to Let Love in

History: Guy Fawkes, William Booth, Goose Fair, Trip to William Booth museum and birth place

Art: Light and Dark pictures, Firework pictures, Finger painting seasons trees, Finger painting artist Iris Scott, 

DT: Mechanisms - moving pictures, winter scene

Music: Performance - Christmas Nativity


Spring 1 - Let's Play

English: Texts (Dogger, Lost in the Toy Museum, Traction Man)

Maths: Place Value within 20, Addition and Subtraction

Science: Investigation

RE: Myself and Caring for Others

Computing: Purple Mash - Animated story books about toys

Online Safety: Online Bullying

PE: Games - Tennis and Fitness

PSHE: Too much selfie isn't healthy

History: Toys from the past, Trip to Newstead Abbey - Out of the Toybox!

DT: Textiles - Design and make a toy sock puppet


Spring 2 - Animals

English: Texts (Dangerous, The Enormous Crocodile, Animal Information Books, Alan's Big Scary Teeth)

Maths: Place Value within 50, Length and Height, Mass and Volume

Science: Animals Including Humans, Seasonal Changes - Spring, Animal Visitors - animal experience

RE: Celebrations and Festivals - Easter, Understanding Christianity Salvation

Computing: Espresso - Coding 1 Part 1

Online Safety: Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle

PE: Dance - Jungle Animals and Fitness

PSHE: Don't hold on to what's wrong!

Geography: Where do animals live?

Art: Drawing -- lines ands patterns, Eric Carle - Animal Collage


Summer 1 - Green Fingers

English: Texts (Jack and the Beanstalk, Jim and the Beanstalk)

Maths: Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Position and Direction

Science: Plants

RE: Gospel Unit

Computing: Purple Mash - Spreadsheets

Online Safety: Online Reputation

PE: Games - Rounders and Orienteering

PSHE: Fake is a mistake!

Art: Observational Drawings - flowers, Painting - Andy Warhol flowers

Music - Charanga - Hey You, Glockenspiels



Summer 2 - The Seaside

English: Texts (Lighthouse Keeper Stories)

Maths: Place Value witin 100, Money, Time

Science: Seasonal Changes - Summer

RE: Symbols, Trip to St Mary's Church

Computing: Purple Mash - Technology outside school, Espresso Coding 1 Part 2

Online Safety: Managing Online Information

PE: Athletics and Orienteering

Geography: Human and physical features of the seaside, making maps

History: What was the seaside like in the past?

PSHE: No way through isn't true!

DT: Structures - Making Boats

Music - Charanga - Hey You, Glockenspiels


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