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Love others; Everybody join in; Always do your best; Reach out; Never give up.

Lowdham C of E Primary School

‘Shine Like Stars’

Class 1 - Mrs Fahy


In the event your child is quarantined at any point, please continue their learning with these activities:



January 2021

Autumn Block 4 - (We are finishing the Autumn term work before starting Spring 1)  I have set lessons linked to Place Value to 20. Please check with me if you require a password.


English - Write a diary. Make sure you use a full stop when you have told me something new. The next letter should be a capital. Remember to include some interesting adjectives.


Read EVERY day and fill in your reading diary. Bug Club books and games Enter Oxford Owl for school page

Username: class1f

Password: 1234


Phonics - Carry on playing games on Phonics Play finding ‘secrets’ in words you are reading. 

Or watch a phonics session online (Spring 1 week 1 - /ur/ as ir, er and ear

Topic Spring 1 – Toys - History of toys, what were they like, what were they made of. Talk to a releative about their toys. Draw pictures and write down what you find out.


Exercise - Every day try and do something. Joe Wicks or any an activity from The PE Shed, go in the garden, play catch, ride your bike or go on a walk, whatever is safe to do.


Creative - Be creative either on Purple Mash or simply with pencil and pens, make a beautiful picture and send it to me.

Listen to a story each day


I hope you all stay well and happy and I look forward to being in touch again soon!


Welcome to Class 1

My name is Mrs Fahy and I work in Class 1 with Mrs McNichol, who covers PPA and Mrs Silverwood who is in the class as a TA three mornings a week.

Phonics is a key focus of Year 1. We do a 20 mins daily using Letters and Sounds and Phonics Bug.

Much of our learning in Class 1 is cross curricular and each topic is supported by engaging displays and exciting role play areas.

Topics include:

The ‘Here and There’ topic uses our geography skills to locate where we compare living in Lowdham a village in the Uk with the King's Village in Northern Ghana .  Light Festivals in Autumn 2 enables children to develop their understanding of different faiths and how they are celebrated. We also put on a great Nativity performance with Class Reception and Class 2. ‘Toys in the Past’ is a history focused topic and we look at sources to work out if toys are old or new and where they would fit on a time line, In English we read a number of texts focused on toys. We also use our IT skills to take photos and type sentences to write a non-fiction class book about our favourite toys. During Spring 2 our topic is ‘Animals including humans’ we learn about the skeleton and our senses and identify what groups animals belong to and whether they are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. In English we look at books about crocodiles including the Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl and teach how lines and dots can create patterns for crocodiles. Our Jungle topic is linked to some delightful Elmer stories and learning about how plants grow and different habitats. Finally in Summer 2 we learn about the Seaside and Holidays which enables us to develop our geography skills and identify both human and physical features. We also read the Lighthouse Keepers books which inspire some lovely lighthouse mosaics.


 We hope children feel welcome, happy and secure as they transition from Reception to KS1. Lessons start to become more structured but children are still given opportunities to use shared computers and outside areas.