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Lowdham C of E Primary School

‘Shine Like Stars’

School day

The school day.

Our school day begins at 08:55 and ends at 15:30. This means the children are in school for 6 hours 35 minutes a day or 32 hours 55 minutes per week. We also operate a slightly earlier open door/gate policy where the gates for the back playground are opened at 08:45 allowing children from Y2 and older to come onto the grounds where a member of staff is present; and Classes Reception and 1 open their doors (front playground) at 08:45 allowing the children time to come in and wash their hands before the school day begins.

The official start of our day is 08:55.

The government have released their education white paper which stipulates that all schools from September '22 must be open for children for 32.5 hours - we cover more than that at this present time.

We also have wraparound care for those parents who require it.