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Lowdham C of E Primary School

‘Shine Like Stars’

Class 6 - Mr Davey

Welcome to Class 6!


*** Winter 2021



Thank you for visiting the Class 6 page. Class Dojo is the best place to find out what's going on in class, or if you'd like to contact me, but you can find some basic information here.

If your child is off (perhaps they are recovering from a positive test, but is able to complete some work) school, please, where possible and appropriate, encourage them to complete some of the work below.


Maths: - on here, you can find activities and specific year 6 lessons



Our topics this half-term are electricity and geography (oceans, continents, countries and rivers). There are plenty of online activities available on the following websites: BBC, DK, Britannica, NAtGeo etc..


You may also access past SATs papers at



**** Lockdown contingency


If we are faced with another lockdown, or a 'bubble closure' (where one class is sent home for a period of time), I will make sure that we continue to provide an effective education for our children. We will of course communicate with you in more detail if this event were to occur, but rest assured, we will be ready! I will post a daily maths and English task, along with a wider-curriculum activity. 

We currently use White Rose maths (online), if you'd like to see what we are up to.


Thank you for visiting the Class 6 page on our new website. In conjunction with our Class Dojo, you'll be able to access key information, documents, news and photos. As the oldest children in the school, the students in Class 6 play a huge part in 'life at Lowdham', both in and out of the classroom. I view the teaching of Year 6 as a huge privilege and I'm thrilled to be taking these children on their journey to secondary school. People say that Year 6 (as the teacher or a pupil) is the toughest, quickest, and most exciting year of them all, but I may be slightly biased! 

Please keep checking back for updates, and bear in mind that our Dojo is updated more regularly.


Mr Davey  





We're assuming that SATs will go ahead, and will potentially run nationwide in the week commencing Monday 9th May. The schedule can be found using this link:


To prepare for SATs week, I will be tailoring homework to reflect areas of need, and running a fun 'Davey's Daily Dose' on Dojo, where parents, too, can get involved with SATs revision. As I always say, Year 6 isn't just about SATs, but it is important that the children perform at their best and become comfortable in assessment situations as they get ready for secondary school. I'd like to run our previously-successful breakfast club in the mornings of SATs week; this was great fun last year and helped the children relax ahead of the assessments.


At home, you can help your child prepare for the SATs by reassuring them that it is a good opportunity to practise what they've learned, and test themselves against a tough curriculum. Looking at past papers and study books is a good way to familiarise both you and your child with the likely SATs questions. Please remember that effective revision needs to suit your child, and sometimes, less is more!


Useful Links


The National Curriculum


Lowdham Class Dojo


Department for Education (SATS guidance)


Useful Maths Resources