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Lowdham C of E Primary School

‘Shine Like Stars’

Class 4 - Mrs Davey

Welcome to Class 4


with Mrs Davey


In Class 4, we are kind, we work hard, and we enjoy taking on roles and responsibilities that help to make our classroom a happy and positive learning space. Our curriculum is full of exciting, cross-curricular topics which we change every half term. We also follow a class text each term which is linked to our English work and, where possible, our science and topic work as well.


This year, we will be learning about, and exploring, the following areas:


Autumn 1

‘Living Things’ – a science based topic about animals, including humans, which covers digestion, teeth and food chains. English class text- ‘Bill’s New Frock’ by Anne Fine.


Autumn 2

‘Light and Dark’ – a science topic investigating sources of light and electricity. Class text- ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes.


Spring 1

‘Chemical Chaos’ – another science topic all about changing materials where we will investigate the three states of matter- solids, liquids and gases.

Our supporting text is the wonderful ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl.


Spring 2

‘Good Vibrations’ – a topic about ‘sound’. We will also have a go at learning to play the Djembe drums and our English text is ‘Grandpa Chatterji’ by Jamila Gavin.


Summer 1

‘Blue John’ by Berlie Doherty- a beautiful story based on the gemstone found in the caverns at Castleton in Derbyshire. This is a geography topic, looking at localities and conducting a comparative study.


Summer 2

‘WW2 and Britain since the 1930s’ -an exciting history topic linked to our class text- ‘Friend or Foe’ by Michael Morpurgo.


Whizzes and Pen-Licences!

In class 4, we take lots of pride in our handwriting and how neatly we present our work. Throughout the year, we work hard to practise our joined-up handwriting in order to gain, and keep, the precious pen-licence! Every week, we work together in class, and at home, to learn and practise our times-tables and spellings. There are lots of rewards and 'whizzes' for working hard and trying our very best, for being resilient and for making good progress in any or all areas of our learning.


Homework in Class 4


Please make sure your child has their planner in school every day.


  • Times-tables practise (tests are every Friday)

The children will have a times-tables booklet in their planner which will record their progress and show which times tables they are working on.

I can recommend these excellent websites for your child to practise on:


  • Spellings (tests are every Tuesday)

A list of 10 words will be given out weekly and stuck in planners. Scores of 7 or less will require a re-test in the same week. Gold, silver and bronze certificates are awarded each half-term for good spelling scores.  is a brilliant website for practising spellings, especially the Y3/4 statutory list of spelling words.


  • ‘Mathletics’- a 10-15minute assignment will be set each week. This will always be linked to what we are covering in class.

The children will have their log-in and password details in their planners.


  • Reading- please encourage your child to read at least three times a week. Children may read to themselves if they prefer but all reading should be recorded in their planner and signed by an adult at home. Planners are checked most days and ‘whizzes’ are given out each time a child has three new reading entries in their planner.



PE is on Mondays and Fridays. Please make sure your child has a white PE top, blue/black shorts or leggings and trainers. Tracksuits/sweatshirts are advisable for the winter months. We would prefer PE kit to stay at school until half-term. Please let me know if your child has an inhaler kept in school.


School Closure/ Absence

In the event that school is closed due to a Coronavirus outbreak, or if our class needs to isolate, then work will be set and sent through Class Dojo. If the event that I am also unwell and unable to teach, then please access the following websites to help your child stay in touch with their learning:


Y3/4 Spelling List