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We have a letter detailing information about our opening for summer term on the Newsletters page.

Lowdham C of E Primary School

‘Shine Like Stars’

Class 4 - Mrs Davey

Welcome to Class 4 with Mrs Davey!

In Class 4, we are kind, we work hard, and we enjoy taking on roles and responsibilities that help to make our classroom a happy and positive learning space.

Our curriculum is full of exciting, cross-curricular topics which we change every half term. We also follow a class text each term which is linked to our English work and, where possible, our science and topic work as well. There are fun trips planned for each term which help to enhance our learning and understanding of all the topics we cover.

In the spring term, we are presenting a stage performance of Roald Dahl’s musical ‘Goldilocks on Trial’ to parents.

This year, we are exploring and learning about the following areas:

Autumn 1

‘Ourselves’ – a science based topic about our bodies, our health and teeth. Class text- ‘Bill’s New Frock’.

Day trip to ROCKUK- abseiling, high ropes, team games.

Autumn 2

‘Forces and Magnets’ – a science topic investigating pushes and pulls. Class text- ‘The Iron Man’.

Trip to Woolsthorpe Manor, home of Isaac Newton.

Spring 1

‘Changing Materials’ and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl.

Activities- chocolate making, designing wrappers and boxes.

Spring 2

‘Sound’ – in this topic we learn about what sound is and how sound travels. We also get to learn about, and play, the Djembi drums! Our class text is ‘Grandpa Chatterji’ which also gives us the opportunity to look at maps and learn about India.

Summer 1

A local area study and visit to Castleton which ties in perfectly with our text ‘Blue John’. Geography and map-work skills are the focus.

Summer 2

‘Ancient Egypt’ and the text- ‘Egyptian Cinderella’. An exciting history topic looking at timelines, artefacts, sources of evidence to develop our enquiry skills.

In class 4, we take lots of pride in our handwriting and how neatly we present our work. Throughout the year, we work hard to practise our joined-up handwriting to gain, and keep, the precious pen-licence! Every week, we work together in class, and at home, to learn and practise our times-tables and spellings. There are lots of rewards and 'whizzes' for working hard, being resilient and making good progress. 

Y3/4 Spelling List