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Shine like stars > Love others, Everyone Join in, Always do your best, Reach out, Never give up.

Lowdham C of E Primary School

‘Shine Like Stars’

Class 2 - Mrs Cumberlidge

Welcome to Class 2.

Class 2 is taught by Mrs Cumberlidge for three days, and Mrs Anderton for one and a half days. Our terrific TA Mrs Fayd’Herbe covers the final half day.

In Class 2 we love to learn and try to become a little more independent in preparation for Key Stage 2. Our lessons are cross curricular wherever possible. Within the topics we focus on key skills for each subject. For example in History we consider evidence and sources, in Geography we learn how to use maps and plans, in Art we think about pencil strokes, in Music we learn about pitch, tempo and dynamics. In all subjects we want to inspire curiosity and we encourage the children to ask questions and think about how we can investigate.

Our topics for the year are set out below and as you can see it is a busy and exciting year. Throughout the year the children work on art or technology projects. For example we make castles in the Spring Term, and do African weaving and printing in the Autumn Term. Music is a big part of life at Lowdham and we love to sing, listen and play instruments. In Class 2 we learn to play the ukulele. We use the computers all year round and enjoy learning about coding and animation.


Autumn Term

Families around the world, with a focus on Kenya. 

Changes within living memory.

We also rehearse and perform a wonderful Nativity with Class 1 and Reception.


Spring Term

Castles, which includes a super trip to Lincoln Castle.

Animals, which includes a fascinating trip to Brackenhurst, where we see lots of baby animals.


Summer Term

Local Area, where we study Lowdham, looking at maps and plans of the area.

Great Fire of London.

We also go ‘Time Travelling’ to Southwell Minster in June.


(Maths and English are taught every day, and we do have assessment time in May, but the children never notice! smiley)